storing your boat for the winter

Storing your boat for the winter

Storing your boat for the winter requires a few simple, but boat saving steps.

Change the oil

Engine corrosion can happen when water or acids have gotten into the oil. You don’t want to let your boat sit all winter long without making sure the oil is clean. Change the filter and flush the oil reservoir, then add new oil before storing your boat for the winter.¬†

Refresh the coolant

Drain the old coolant and flush the container with water. Fill with new, properly diluted coolant according to the manufacturer’s specifications and the climate that you live in. This prevents freezing and corrosion.

Remove drive belts

Belts can crack and break when under stress and tension for a long time. To prevent this from happening, loosen or completely remove belts before storing your boat for the winter.

Grease the steering

Greasing steering and control mechanisms help to ensure that these parts move smoothly come summer. Remember to make sure that all joints are also well covered with grease.

Fill your gas tank

Empty gas tanks can collect condensation and cause corrosion or freezing inside the tank. Fill the tank with ethenol free gas or with a gasoline stabilizer if using regular gas.

Disconnect the battery

Your battery WILL drain over winter. And what a bummer that will be come summer when you’re ready to go. Disconnect the battery, top it off with distilled water, and charge it every once in a while to make sure it’s ready when you are.

Seal exhaust ports on inboard boats

Mice and other pests can enter large and small exhaust port openings. Use duct tape or steel wool to plug these openings.

Tidy up the interior

Remove all loose electronics and any organic materials that are mobile, such as leather, canvas, and fabric. Mildew and moisture can build up when you’re storing the boat over the winter.

Wash, wax, and use a cover

Finally, washing, waxing and covering are easy ways to protect the boat from dirt, dust, insects, and moisture.

Store your boat

One of the best ways of storing your boat for the winter, if you don’t have covered storage at home, is in a storage facility that specializes in boat storage This provides safety and protection ¬†during the winter months.



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