Boat Storage

Boat Storage and Servicing Tips

Boat Storage and servicing at summer’s end are important.

Here are some helpful boat storage tips to remember before your boat goes to a storage unit.

  1. Take your boat out one last time, assess all that needs repair before you winterize the boat.
  2. Get the boat out of the water, pull the boat plug, and air out storage lockers to avoid mildew.
  3. Wash, clean, examine,repair and service your boat before it is placed into a self storage unit.
  4. Winterize the boat engine by changing the fluids and replacing all filters in your boat.
  5. Avoid engine problems by topping off with fuel, then add a gas stabilizer to reduce condensation.
  6. It highly recommend that the entire process of engine and fuel-system winterization be left to a qualified mechanic.
  7. Remove all electronics including the battery and store them in a warm dry place.
  8. Clean battery terminals on your boat thoroughly.
  9. Always put a cover on your boat to keep it clean for the year and find a good boat storage.
  10. Lastly do not forget to take out and clean all your  wave boards, skis and toys.
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